LUX & More is a Marketing & Communication agency specialized in the business development of luxury brands in the Benelux & Scandinavia.

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We are here to provide you with our wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing, business development, pr and media relations. Offering both a boutique and in-house approach, the strategic requirements of each client are individually tailored from the outset.

Based on our extensive network we strive for an individual approach to create a mutual understanding of the objective to be achieved.

Through our elaborate professional network we do have all means to generate high-quality free publicity, brand awareness and visibility all in line with the marketing strategy as discussed with our clients.

It is our passion to make sure that your brand becomes desirable to the right audience.

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Based on your specific wishes & needs a tailor made strategy will be developed and executed in close cooperation with you and your team.


Position | Destination | Direction

Our journey starts with an analysis of your brand. To know and feel your brand by heart will be the basis of our joint success. Next step will be to determine the current position and activities of your brand in the market. What about brand image, brand awareness & brand loyalty?

 In fact LUX-PR & More will go further, we will discuss your Marketing strategy for the coming years and determine a holistic tailor-made strategy to help you achieving your destination. Based on this strategy, a Marketing plan will be created based on the best fitted tools  for your brand.


Strategy | Planning | Tools | Budget

Based on your goals, your budget & our experience a strategy or concept is developed, containing the right PR and/or Marketing tools for your company and brand.

A detailed roadmap & planning will follow after your approval for the proposed strategy .


Creation | Planning | Communication

The execution of the activities will be done in close contact with you and your team. On a regular basis we discuss with you the planning and evaluate the results of the Marketing & Communication tools implemented.

LUX-PR & more collaborates with renowned partners to obtain the highest quality of art- & print work, photo & video material, events, etc. Our network of leading media and journalists is close and proven.


Evaluation | Long Term Relationship

Year through we will evaluate the strategy and activities chosen. Not only because of the direct results from the tools implemented, but as well because of the continuos changes in the the market, due to competition or other macro economic factors.

Satisfied and happy clients is our most important performance indicator. We’re proud to represent our exclusive clients and support them achieving their goals and grow their brands. Many of them we cherish a long term relationship and so we hope to build with you!



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